What does my membership include?

So glad you asked! You get access to our downtown workspace—that includes sitting in any available open space as well as time in our conference room, recording studio, workshop room, and even the main space on evenings/weekends for events, depending on your membership level.

You also get access to our weekly events, several of which include a chef-catered lunch! We have lunch and learns, accountabilitea sessions, masterminds, group business and mindset coaching, and more!

The biggest value of all (in our opinion) is the network. You'll be plugged into over 200 local women in business who are potential mentors, collaborators, clients, service providers, and most of all...friends.

Is there a long-term commitment? Do you offer refunds?

If you join as a month-to-month member, that's it. You can cancel at any point. We don't like locking people into things! If you did choose to pay up front for 6 months or for 1 year in exchange for a discount, you are free to cancel at the end of your commitment. We do not, but you're welcome to cancel at any time and you will not be billed again.

Are men allowed at The Hive?

Absolutely! They can even be members too. We encourage you to bring your male clients, co-workers or significant other to The Hive for a meeting, coffee chat, or even lunch. We think of The Hive as a women-focused, inclusive space. That means we’re all about welcoming everyone into our sanctuary.

I really love coffee...is yours any good?

We get complements on our coffee all the time! Everyone loves our bean to cup espresso machine that makes French Vanilla Lattes, Cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and more. You get unlimited coffee with your membership and can treat your guests to a cup of Joe too!

Can I print, scan, or fax at The Hive?

Scanning, faxing, and black and white printing is unlimited through our Print With Me printer. You can choose to pay for color prints at $0.69/side. You can print on-site or send documents to the printer from home and release them with your personal code when you are on-site.

I have ADHD and worry I won't be able to focus around so many cool women...any advice?

You are among your people! Did you know that people with ADHD are 3x more likely to start a business? Because we focus on entrepreneurial women, we figure a solid 60% of our members have ADHD. And guess what? They all say they get so much more work done at The Hive. Why? Body doubling, my friend. It's having a friend or partner who works simultaneously in the same room as you, giving you hidden accountability to stay on task.

I'm [an introvert/too old/new to business/etc.]. I don't think I'll fit in...what do you think?

Our members come from all walks of life, so you would be surprised who you'll find among our bees. Our membership ranges from 18 all the way to 70+. We have plenty of introverts and extroverts. Some have been in business for decades and others don't know the first thing about starting a business (that's partly why they're here)! Besides, it's not about fitting in and being the same as everyone else...it's about finding a place where you can be yourself and BELONG!

I have an office already and don't need a space to work. Is membership still worth it for me?

Absolutely. For less than the costs of a cup of coffee per day, you get access to group mindset and business coaching ($1,000/mo in value), a mastermind session ($500/mo value), accountability session ($50/mo value), and two chef-catered lunches ($50/mo value), not to mention the wealth of resources, connections, and general positive benefit on your mental health from being around cool women who are constantly inspiring you, challenging you, and cheering you on.

What if I have a Zoom call or a phone call and need a private space?

You can pop into our conference room, recording studio, or even the workshop room for a little more privacy. We do discourage members from taking zoom calls or phone calls in the main space, so as not to disturb those coworking, but there are plenty of nooks and crannies to hide out in and take a call!

Do you offer private meeting rooms?

Yes, we have several meeting rooms available, accommodating anywhere from 2-12 people, that can be rented hourly or by the day for client meetings, workshops, and conference calls.

— Recording studio 1

— Recording studio 2

— Conference Room 1

Where will I park and how will I access the space? It gives me anxiety not knowing!

We're located in the Orpheum building at 200 N. Broadway Ave. Ste. 110. You can park in the lot behind the building, in a spot marked "Hive" or "visitor" or even across the street or on 1st street in 2 hour parking. Once you join officially, you'll receive log in instructions for an app on your phone that you can use for keyless entry to our front door. (We keep it locked on the outside for safety, so that only members and guests can enter.)

Can I host events in the space?

Yes! We're an ideal venue space for small events like a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, pop up shop, workshop, conference, holiday party, and more. Members get 4 free hours in the main space on evenings and weekends. Non-members can pay by the hour.

What if I just want to try it out for a day (or I only need a day every now and then)?

Totally get it. We have day passes for $25. You can grab one here: www.thehivewichita.com/daypass Let us know at the end of your day, if you're ready to join and we'll apply the $25 to your membership. But remember, buy 4 of these in a month and you've already paid more than a whole month of membership (without any of the perks)!

Is The Hive kid-friendly?

The Hive is a professional workspace and not suitable for children. Children under the age of 13 should not be brought into the space except in the case of an emergency or quick errand. Please ask your guests to arrange for childcare prior to visiting. If your guest does bring a child, we aren't going to disrupt your business by turning them away, but the child must stay with you in one of the private meeting rooms. Children must not be left unattended and must be escorted quietly to and from the restroom or kitchen. If a child is disruptive to the work environment, we may ask them and their caregiver to leave.

Is The Hive pet-friendly?

Animals, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed in The Hive. Per ADA, emotional support animals are not considered to be service animals. If you bring an animal into The Hive, our staff may ask two questions: (1) is this a service animal required because of a disability? and (2) what work or task has the animal been trained to perform? We may ask service animals to leave if (1) the animal is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control it or (2) the animal is not housebroken.

Can I receive my mail at The Hive?

Yes! You can use our address as your business address everywhere except Google. We check the mail once every 24 hours and will put your mail in your mailbox. We do not notify members when they receive mail or accept packages that aren’t left in our main mailbox. If you need to have a package delivered to The Hive, you must arrange to be present to receive it. We don’t recommend having FedEx and UPS mail/packages delivered to The Hive since we can’t guarantee someone will be available to open the door.

What are the details on your private offices?

Absolutely! We have 8 fully private offices ranging in price from $350-1,200/mo. We offer 6 month leases that include a membership at The Hive and all utilities (even fiber wifi and once/week cleaning). You can furnish and decorate your office however you like. Your guests can enter through the doors of the main Orpheum office building lobby (through the double doors) for an iconic impression. Members meet their own guests at the door, so we recommend leaving a 15 min. window between appointments. We can’t guarantee a "library" quiet environment since we are a collaborative environment that hosts events and our offices are not completely soundproof. Therefore, we are not a good fit for businesses like massage therapists, yoga instructors, businesses that serve children under the age of 13, or those that need confidentiality like therapists, lawyers, medical professionals, financial service providers, etc.

Is there a place for me to store things (like my lunch, favorite snacks, etc.)?

You can store your lunch, refreshments, snacks, and condiments in our fridge with your name on them. Items that are not labeled, are expired, or smell icky will be thrown out on Fridays. Since we are a collaborate workspace, we can't guarantee the safety of your items or that your tupperware will find its way back to you. If you need to leave other personal items, like a laptop, products for your business, or anything else, we recommend getting a private office as we do not have a storage option at The Hive.

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